Would you hurt someone or kill them with an electric shock? You might... Read MIRROR WORLD chapter 7

Can you see the psychology of

"Obedience to authority" in the Dragon Longtooth's actions?

Longtooth landed next to Ttocs, her wings folded into her sides and her large golden eyes staring at the ground.

“Longtooth, be happy. I have a lovely old dwarf for you to eat. Start with his feet and slowly nibble your way up so that he dies slowly. Eat his head last!”

The dwarfs gasped in horror as Ttocs said this.

Longtooth stood for a moment unmoving.

“Feast upon him, Longtooth! I command it!” Ttocs said.

Again Longtooth did not move a muscle.

“I said, feast upon him, Longtooth! I command it!” Ttocs roared louder.

Still Longtooth did not move.

“Do what I command, Longtooth! Obey me, you scarred, hideous beast!” Ttocs screamed in fury.

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